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The MBF / 16 December 2015

We know how much flying means to you

The Australian Air Pilots Mutual Benefit Fund (MBF) is run by members, solely for the benefit of members. We provide peace of mind that our pilots will be financially supported in the event their Australian Class 1 Medical Certificate is suspended or cancelled. Everything you have trained and worked for, love doing, can be derailed in a heartbeat.

  • Lose your Class 1 Medical permanently and you'll need to set yourself up for a new life: get rid of debt, pay ongoing expenses, and protect your family; all while you retrain for a new occupation.
  • Lose it even temporarily and it could set you back for a long time. Sick pay doesn't last forever, and you'll need solid monthly income to see you through until you're flying again.

Run by Pilots, for pilots for over 50 years

No pilot should face it alone

That's why the MBF was established - by pilots, for pilots - over 50 years ago. Since 1961 we have been providing peace of mind and financial support for Australia's pilots through the most difficult times of their careers.

Pilots' assets working to help pilots

The MBF loss of licence cover isn't an insurance policy controlled by a large, impersonal corporation, taking profits from your premiums; it is a mutual benefit fund, with assets owned solely by you and your fellow pilots, and a mission to act in the best interests of the members.

Guided by fairness, not profit

The MBF Trustee Directors are fellow pilots with your interests at heart. They have a firm understanding of the life you live and the risks you take. They also have the discretion to lend an extra hand when it's called for - for example, waiving waiting periods in situations of financial hardship.

Easy, personal, no nonsense claims process

No call centre queues, no claims department run-arounds, no cumbersome processes - with your MBF it's simple, straightforward steps. One call to 1300 380 300 gets you straight to one of our team.

50+ years of security, peace of mind and stability

The MBF has over $80 million in assets plus an impressive financial performance in even the most difficult economic times. The MBF will be there for you when you need us most.