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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section are responses to some of the most frequently asked questions from members.

            1. What happens if I have not met my required contribution payments?
              Members who fail to pay their contributions as required ‘shall be deemed to have allowed their membership to have lapsed and shall not be entitled to any benefit arising from any occurrence subsequent’. When membership lapses there is no cover.

            2. Do I need to advise the MBF that I am unemployed and how do I do this?
              You must complete and upload the Unemployment Notification Form UN20-02 (which is found in the Member Documents folder on My Page) along with your employer’s termination notice.

            3. Do I need to maintain a Class 1 Medical Certificate even though I am not piloting?
              You must maintain your Class 1 Medical Certificate to remain a member of the MBF, regardless of your current employment status.  A valid commercial pilot’s licence is also required by those who are employed and either actively piloting or stood down (so that they are ready, willing and able to resume piloting activities).

            4. If I gain employment air piloting one day a week, does that meet MBF membership requirements for income?
              If that is your principle source of income, yes.

            5. What happens if my employer does not pay my loss of licence allowance to MBF?
              Members are responsible for payment of their membership contributions. 

              Loss of licence (LOL) allowances may form part of an employment agreement/EA or EBA terms and conditions between the employer and pilot employee. Usually such agreements articulate a process where the pilot employee seeks payment of the LOL allowance from their employer as a reimbursement upon presentation of evidence of payment.

              The MBF is not a party to those employment agreements and therefore it has no legal right to require an employer to pay a Loss of Licence allowance directly to MBF.

              If their employer does not pay that allowance the member should approach their employer and request the reasons for that non-payment.

              Non-payment of an employment agreement entitlement is an industrial matter and needs to be pursued as such.

            6. How long do I have to notify the MBF if I have a medical condition that prevents me from flying?
              You have a maximum of 30 days to notify the MBF as outlined in Rule 11(a) unless you are initially prevented from notifying the MBF by reason of the medical condition.

            7. Can I put my cover on ‘hold’ until I return to piloting?
              No – there is no provision to place your MBF membership on ‘hold’. However, there are options for you to cease your membership and return later, but you need to consider the terms and conditions of the Rules in respect of applying for or returning as a Member of the Fund. 

              It is important to also consider the response to the question ‘Do I have to renew my MBF cover even though I am not piloting?’  You can retain membership whilst unemployed for a maximum of three years, however you must retain your Class 1 Medical Certificate.

            8. To help with my cash flow can I pay my annual contribution by monthly instalments?
              Members are able to pay their annual contribution by automatic monthly direct debits (DD) by either VISA or MasterCard only. Payment of the annual contribution by monthly DD is not membership by the month. 

            9. Will MBF cover me if I am injured while working in an occupation other than piloting?
              If you have an accident or illness as a result of your employment, then you should first seek WorkCover through your employer. If you are unsuccessful in your WorkCover claim you may then be eligible to make a claim on the MBF in accordance with the terms and conditions of Fund membership.

            10. If I am then eligible how will my monthly benefit be calculated?
              Monthly Disability Benefits are calculated on your level of SCB and your income as a pilot – confirmation of your gross annual salary is required to be confirmed by your current/prior employer/s.

              For members not currently employed in piloting activities the Disability Benefits payable by the Fund are calculated in accordance with Rule 7(k),(l) & (m) being the average of the Gross Annual Salary from piloting activities over the last 3 years.

            11. Will I be covered if I get sick or die from COVID-19?
              Covid-19 is not excluded in the rules.  Cover is provided in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Rules.

            12. How do I reset my password? 
              If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgot your Password?" feature below the login area. You will be asked to verify your account with some personal details and an email link will be sent to reset the password.

            13. Am I eligible for a Refund of Contributions? 
              You may apply for a ROC if you have contributed to the Fund continuously for in excess of twenty years, or for a total in excess of twenty-five years aggregate in the case of a reinstated Member in accordance with Rule 2(d). Please see Rule 5 (b)(iii) for information should you be considering retiring from aviation.

            14. Do I have to remain a Member with AFAP once I become a Member of AAPMBF?
              Yes, to maintain membership and to be eligible to apply for disability benefits and/or a capital payment you must be a Financial Member of AFAP (Not an Associate Member) during your membership with AAPMBF.

              For any other issues, please contact the membership team at