The MBF's Directors are fellow pilots with your interests at heart. They have a firm understanding of the life you live and the risks you take.

The Trustee of the Australian Air Pilots MBF is Austair Pilots Pty Ltd (Trustee). The nine Directors who sit on the Board of the Trustee are elected by members of the MBF on a rotating basis every three years. Members are encouraged to consider a leadership role on the Board.

A key role of the Trustee is to construct a strategy that will best position the MBF to address the needs of pilot members now and continuing into the future.

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Capt. David Harget

I am currently a Simulator Check Captain with Eastern Australian Airlines in Sydney. As a Director I believe it is essential to be strategically innovative in order to guide the direction of the MBF. With good governance we will continue to build on the solid foundations of our MBF, and be able to provide assistance to future generations of pilots.
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Capt. Simon Brownscombe

I am a B737 FO with Virgin Australia. I have been an MBF member for over 20 years and have also served on the AFAP State Branches and various Pilot Councils through most of these years. My vision is that the virtues and benefits of membership must be such that every commercial pilot in Australia will seriously consider and seek membership with the MBF.
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Capt. Kym Donaldson

I am a A330 Check and Training Captain with Virgin Australia. In addition to my Director duties, I am the Chairman of the Investment Committee. We are diligently working to expand and improve the MBF’s fiscal performance, thereby enhancing the security and support available to members and families.
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Capt. Walter Gowans

I am a Check & Training Captain with Virgin Australia on the Boeing 737. I have also served as a council member on the Virgin Pilot Council for AFAP. As an MBF Director, I will foster the strong relationship that the MBF shares with the AFAP, as well as strengthening the safety net the MBF provides its membership.
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Capt. Matthew Nielsen

I am a Captain with Bristow. As a father of four young children, I understand how important the MBF is in providing support during illness or injury. My goal is to continue to work to meet the expectations of the membership in providing improved services, relevant rulemaking and updating administrative procedures to streamline your interactions with the MBF.
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Capt. Mark Passfield

I am a Captain on the F100 with Alliance Airlines in Brisbane. I was a senior flying instructor and a CFI before joining Macair. I was with Macair for over 11 years and held positions such as: Senior Base Pilot, Check and Training Captain (Metro and SAAB 340), and Head of Safety Management. As a director I concentrate on ensuring the continued success and continued improvement of the MBF.
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Capt. Gary Presneill

I have flown the B727, Citation jets, King Airs, float planes and was a Training Captain on Twin Otters. I was CASA FOI for four years and spent 26 years in the RAAF. With over 14 years of MBF membership, I believe it is important to represent pilots from outside the airline sector on the MBF board.
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Capt. Cam Terry

I am a Captain with QLink flying the Dash 8 Q400, based in Sydney. I have been an MBF member since 1990 and an AFAP member since the early 80s. I was the AFAP NSW Branch President for 10 years, Vice President Membership for 6 years, and have served on several EBA teams. As a Director, my goal is to continue to meet the needs of members while maintaining a strong relationship with the AFAP.
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Capt. Steven Vidler

I am a B787 Captain with Jetstar based in Sydney. I have been employed with Jetstar since 2005 and have previously worked at Air North, Ansett Australia, Trans Australian Air Express and National Jet. I am currently the Chairman of the Investment Committee. With the backing of a sound MBF Investment Portfolio delivering consistent income and growth, I am committed to continually improving our product whilst containing the cost of member’s contributions.